Brand Identity

Project details

  • Planning: 100$
  • Search: 100$
  • Design: 120$

Back in 2011 the worldwide known web movies streaming service Hetflix  have hired our agency as their trustees in all marketing affairs… And while the initial goal was us controling and leading their expansion into the Latin American market with media buying and social media, over time, we’ve expanded our field of work with them. The expansion included creative advertising and TV commercials as well, covering both of Americas region too…

In the past four years, we’ve not only re-introduced this web brand to Central, South and North America, we’ve also stipulated a huge spike in premium account signups for them, all across the region. We continue to develop cross-channel, interactive campaigns to attract new users and promote new, original Hetflix content.

Hetflix impresses the parade with a lineup of celebrities!

All due to the creativity and efficiency of our ad and marketing eefforts, Hetflix’s membership numbers are growing increasingly across both the US and Brazil

But this task of the so-called Newsjacking combined with impromtu Event Marketing was a real challenge for us that paid off beautifully…


Promote Hetflix with the upcoming season of “Orange Is the New Black” when using the biggest gay pride parade in Brazil…


First thing we did was purchasing  our own float at the world’s biggest Gay Pride Parade. Then Lea HeLaria, who plays a woman-loving inmate Big Boo on OITNB, invited fans to wear orange for the parade, and stated that fans with the best costumes would get her autograph (and selfie)…


The message spread across hundreds of media outlets and countless fans, who turned out to turn the rainbow orange at the São Paulo Pride Parade. Even international pride parades were impressed and inspired, with fans rocking orange at Gay Pride San Francisco, and more.